About Us

Wellness is one of Al Sunbulah Group products established in 2020. Wellness organic products are manufactured in a healthy and safe way. They do not contain artificial ingredients such as chemicals, pesticides, or any harmful substance. Wellness organic products are delicious and enhance the quality of your diet with its many nutritional benefits.


What makes Wellness Special


High quality foods are produced naturally without the use of GMO ingredients, inorganic pesticides, fertilizers, or preservatives. We make sure we do not!


Organic farming commit to natural production process which does not include any GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Our products have not been re-engineered biologically to enhance harvest, neither in shape, size, or expiration duration, etc…

Artificial flavors free

Food that does not include additives to enhance the taste

Preservatives free

no artificial preservatives.

Palm oil free

Some of wellness products are palm oil-free, and they are replaced with non-hydrogenated oil which considered as a better alternative.

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